Legacy Reports: Opportunity and activity reports

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Insightly includes advanced custom reporting and nine legacy reports centered around opportunities and completed activities (tasks and events).

Each Legacy report has links at the top to filter records by commonly used date ranges and many selections for filtering by dates or field values.

When you run a report, the header displays the number of records found and a button to format the report for printing.

If you run an opportunity report and receive an "Insufficient data" message, check that all required information is included in your opportunity records.

The following Legacy Reports can be accessed via the Reports tab on the left navigation bar. It's easy to switch between the two report options.

Legacy reports:

Opportunity Category Breakdown Report

How many opportunities do you have in each of your opportunity categories? This report graphs the number of opportunities you have for each of your opportunity categories in a donut chart.

You can filter your opportunities by forecast close date, pipeline, responsible user, currency, tag or opportunity state.

With this and most of our reports, the tabular data that makes up the report is displayed below the graph.

Opportunity Category Breakdown

Reasons for Losing Opportunities Report

What are the main reasons you lose out on new business? This report will graph the number of opportunities you lost and the reasons why you lost them in a donut graph.

When you lose an opportunity in Insightly, you have the option to give a reason (which can be configured under Settings > Opportunity State Reasons).

In this report we will graph all the opportunities you lost for a given set of criteria, so you can easily see the main reasons that you're losing out on new business and how you can improve in the future.

Opportunity Pipeline Stage Distribution Report

At what pipeline stage are all the opportunities you have open and set to close in the next quarter? This report graphs the number of opportunities in each stage of an opportunity pipeline, filtered by Forecast Close Date.

It's a great way to tell if most of your opportunities are at early stages in a pipeline or if you have progressed them through to later stages and they are closer to closing. You can filter by pipeline, forecast close date, or by responsible user, category, currency, tag or opportunity state.

Opportunity Funnel Analysis

How many opportunities are currently in each stage of a pipeline? This report provides a snapshot of your open opportunities, broken down by the pipeline stages you have created.

Opportunities by Responsible User Report

Which of your salespeople closed the most opportunities in the last quarter? Which salespeople generated the most revenue last year? This report shows you which users generated the most new opportunities or the most revenue in a given time period.

You can filter by the number of wins, or by the total revenue of opportunities won in a given currency. It's a great way to see who is your most productive salesperson, or who contributed most to the bottom line in the last quarter.

Opportunities by Organization Report

Which client organizations contribute the most to your revenue? Which of your clients do you have the worst opportunity win record against? This report will show you a breakdown of which organizations make up the opportunity volume generated by your sales team in a given time period.

You can filter by pipeline, current opportunity state, tag, category or even currency.

Opportunities by Custom Field Report

This report will provide a breakdown of the number of opportunities with each value set for a custom field.

If you use custom fields for opportunities to segment your opportunity list then this report can be useful in graphing the breakdown of values for those custom fields.

Total Incoming Opportunities Report

How many opportunities did each of your sales people create by month last year? This report shows you how many new opportunities each of your sales people created in a given time period, so it's great for determining deal flow from each of your sales people, and who is the most productive sales person you might have.

The 'Value of Opportunities Won' report is the compliment to this report and graphs by revenue rather than deal volume.

Total incoming

Value of Opportunities Won Report

Which of your sales people was the most successful in January and February in revenue generation? This report shows you the total revenue value of opportunities won in a given time period, broken down by responsible user.

It's great for determining which of your sales people contributed the most to top line revenue in a given time period. You can identify the most and least productive sales people in your organization.

Completed Tasks and Events Report

Which of your users completed the most tasks assigned to them the last quarter? Which organizations did you have the most phone calls with last year? Which opportunities created the most work for you in follow-up calls and emails last month? Did you complete more tasks in November or December last year?

This is one of the most powerful reports in the arsenal, and graphs the number of tasks completed, and meetings and appointments scheduled in a time period - broken down by either responsible user, linked organization, opportunity, project, or in total by month over a time period.

The key filter here is the 'Type' filter and gives you some great insight into which projects, opportunities, or organizations have required the most work to get over the line.

Activity Rpt

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