What is Insightly Voice?

Insightly Voice is a built-in telephony system within your CRM. With it, you can make and receive phone calls right from your web browser. Insightly Voice was built with sales teams in mind: calls are automatically logged straight into Insightly.

Insightly Voice currently is only able to make calls to the United States and Canada. Voice cannot support multiple providers.


When you make or receive calls, they will appear in your list of recent activity on the homepage. Calls can be placed by clicking on a phone number in a record or by using the Voice dialer.


The dialer can be accessed by clicking on the phone icon in the upper right of Insightly.

With Insightly Voice, you can:

Make calls

Insightly Voice makes connecting with your contacts easier than ever. Voice's calling features were built to save you time.

  • Search. Using the search bar in the dialer, you can easily find any information about your contacts, organizations, and leads that has been previously logged into Insightly. Insightly will pull up record information as you type. 
  • Record Greetings. You can record multiple greetings for callers: a Wait Greeting, a Hold Greeting, and a Voicemail Greeting. These can be recorded on Insightly or you can upload an audio file in .mp3 or .wav format.
  • Voicemail Drop. If you're unable to reach your contact, you can leave a prerecorded message and disconnect while it plays. This lets you go to your next lead without waiting. 
  • Listen in. Administrators can join in on their agent's calls to evaluate their performance. This can be used for training new employees or just monitoring the effectiveness of established agents.

Receive calls

Insightly Voice's incoming call distribution capabilities allow teams to customize their inbound call experience to best fit their needs.

  • Choose your Ring Type. Insightly Voice has two options for incoming call distribution: 
    • Round Robin- This is the default call distribution option. With this option, incoming calls will be distributed to each phone in the group sequentially.
    • Shotgun- With this distribution enabled, Voice will ring all phones within the team, and the first to pick up the phone receives the call.


Insightly Voice automatically logs all call information straight into Insightly.

  • Utilize call recordings. Insightly automatically records your calls, allowing you to review the audio at a later time. You can turn off recording at any time.
  • View your call activity. You can review your calls from the Activity subtab in a record. You can create opportunities, projects, tasks, and leads from individual phone calls.

For a more in-depth look at what you can do with Insightly Voice, check out our other Voice articles.

If you are interested in adding Insightly Voice to your CRM, contact us at sales@insight.ly. 

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