What are the requirements for Insightly Voice?

To have the highest quality experience with Voice, you must have the following:

  1. The Chrome or Firefox web browser. Insightly Voice is not supported on other browsers.
  2. A wired headset with a mic. Wireless or mobile headphones will work, but you may experience lower quality audio. Be sure to connect your headphones before you open Voice for best results.
  3. A desktop or laptop computer. Insightly Voice is not currently supported on mobile devices or our mobile application.
  4. A dedicated network. You should have at minimum 10 kilobits per second in bandwidth per call, but having 500 kbps is strongly recommended.
  5. You should only keep one dialer open at a time. While it is possible to have more than one open, this may affect the quality of the call.
  6. A wired internet connection. A wireless connection can work, but you may experience connectivity issues that would be otherwise avoided with a wired connection.
  7. You can only place calls to the United States or Canada.
  8. Be aware of the recording laws in your state or country. Insightly Voice will record your calls (unless you disable recording), so please inform those whom you call if it is required in your location.




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