Customizing your Insightly Voice number

The Edit Voice Number page enables Insightly Administrators to customize the settings of the numbers agents use when making or receiving calls.

To edit Voice numbers:

  1. Go to System Settings > Voice.
  2. Click the pencil icon.

The page has five editing options.

  1. Assign a friendly name. This will be the name that displays when selecting the number in Voice. For example, you may want to use the name of the agent who will be using the number.
  2. Enable or Disable call recording. By default, each Voice number will have call recording enabled. To disable this feature, click the checkbox. If you choose to keep this feature enabled, please be aware of your state and country's telephone recording laws.
  3. Record or upload greetings. As an admin, you will be able to add greetings to each individual phone number. Your agents will be able to record their own voicemail greeting from the dialer, but they will not be able to edit their hold or wait greetings.

    Click Browse to select a file that you've already created or click on one of the record greeting buttons to record a message.

    There are three different types of greetings:
    • Wait GreetingPlays for the caller when they call in and are waiting for someone to pick up.
    • Hold Greeting- Plays when the caller is placed on hold.
    • Voicemail Greeting- Plays for the caller when the call is missed.
  4. Select the ring type. Users can select Round Robin style or Shotgun style for incoming calls through the drop-down menu.
      • Round Robin- This is the default call distribution option. Incoming calls will be distributed to each phone in the group sequentially.
      • Shotgun- Voice will ring all phones within the team, and the first to pick up the phone receives the call.
  5. Assign users to the number. You can add and remove users from the phone number by clicking their name in the list and using the arrow icons in the center to move them. Multiple users can be assigned to a number.

When you've finished updating your settings, click Save Settings.

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