Insightly Voice Basics

Insightly Voice provides users with a simple way of making, receiving, and logging phone calls right from within Insightly. Let's review some basic features.


When you open the Voice dialer, you'll see four tabs.


  1. The first tab is Call History. Here you can view up to 50 of your most recent incoming and outgoing calls.

    If your call was linked to a contact, lead, or organization, you can view more information about them by clicking their picture.

  2. The Dialer tab is where you will place your outgoing calls. To dial, you can click on each number or you can type the number into the text bar. If you can’t remember the phone number, use the search bar to find your record’s information quickly.

    If you enter the number manually, the Insightly record associated with the number will appear beneath the number.

  3. The Call List tab displays contacts, leads, and organizations from Insightly. You can view their information by clicking their picture or call them by clicking the phone icon. Learn more about your Call List here.

  4. The final tab is the Dialer Settings

    The Settings tab has five configuration options:

    • Outgoing Phone Number - Displays a drop-down menu for users to choose their outgoing phone number.
    • Call Forwarding - Activate or deactivate call forwarding.
    • Volume Meter - When selected, the volume meter provides a visual representation of the level of audio being picked up by your microphone.
    • Voice Message - Add a pre-recorded voice message into Voice.
    • Listen In - Allows administrators to listen to calls in progress.

Call Forwarding

If you need to forward incoming calls to another number:

  1. Open the dialer and go to the Settings tab.
  2. Click the Active checkbox.
  3. A text-box will appear. Enter the forwarding number and add +1 before the area code. Click Save.

If you forward your calls to a non-Insightly Voice number, Voice will not be able to record the conversation. 


If you have missed a call, the caller can leave a voicemail which you can review later in Insightly.

  1. Go to the Phone tab.
  2. Click on the calls dropdown menu and select Missed Calls.
  3. Click on the name of the record to view the details of the missed call and the voicemail message.
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