How to make phone calls in Insightly Voice

There are several methods of placing calls within Insightly Voice.

To make a call from an existing record:

  1. Open a record that contains a phone number.
  2. Click on a phone number to open Insightly Voice and dial the number.

To make a call from from the dialer:

  1. Click the phone icon in the top right corner to open the dialer.
  2. Click on the dialer tab.
  3. Enter the number you want to reach. You can use the dial pad to enter the number or type it on your keyboard.
  4. Click the green phone icon. 
The name of your contact will appear beneath the number if they have a record in Insightly.

To make a call from your call list:

  1. Click the call list tab.
  2. Click the phone icon across from the contact, organization, or lead.

To make a call from the search bar:

  1. Type the name of the record you want to call into the search bar. Select the record.
  2. Click on the phone number. The number will be automatically dialed.


Caller Unavailable

If the number you dialed is unavailable, Insightly gives you other options to attempt contact. 


  1. Leave a voicemail: Leave a message manually or use a prerecorded voicemail that you've saved to Insightly Voice.
  2. Send Email: Opens Insightly in a different browser tab and takes you to the Compose Email Screen, where the contact will automatically be applied.
  3. Create Callback Task: Opens Insightly in a different browser tab and takes you to the Add New Task screen, where you can create a task to remind you to try following up with the contact at a later date.
  4. View Contact Record: Opens Insightly in a different browser tab and takes you to the contact's record.

Call details

You can label the outcome of your call by using the drop-down menu that appears during the call.


You can take notes about the call with the text-box that appears beneath the call outcome menu. The call outcome and the call notes can both be viewed in the Phone record.


You can also link the call to another record in Insightly.


When you've finished, click Save Call Details and Close.

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