Working with call records

Call records are automatically created when calls are made or received through the Insightly Voice Dialer — they cannot be manually added. Like any record in Insightly, they can be linked to other records. However, call records cannot be imported into or exported out of Insightly.

The call record

Call records have several unique fields.


  1. Record ID - A sequential ID assigned by Insightly.
  2. From - The person who placed the call.
  3. To - The person who received the call.
  4. Date - The date and time the time the call began.
  5. Type - Labels the call as outbound or inbound.
  6. Duration - The length of the call from start to finish.
  7. Disposition - What occurred during the phone call. A drop-down list gives the call owner options, such as "no answer" or "made contact."
  8. Call owner - This is the user who made or received the call.

You can also review your recordings and transcripts.

You can follow the call record to receive notifications if changes are made to it. Click the star next to the record name. The star will turn yellow, confirming that you are now following the record.

You can add tags and adjust permissions just like you would with any other record. If you have deleted your call record, you can find it in the Recycle Bin.

Insightly Voice will automatically link calls to records that are connected to the phone number. You can also link your call to other records in the Related tab. View your calls in the Activity tab of any record you have called.



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