Chatbot Overview: The Insightly Assistant


Insightly will no longer provide an integration with Slack. The decision comes as a result of Microsoft’s overhaul of the Microsoft Bot Framework, which we had used to build the connection. Learn more.

The Insightly Assistant is a chatbot that will understand natural-language questions and commands when connected to other apps. It can help you find, update, and create Insightly records in response to your requests.

We launched the chatbot with an integration to Slack's messaging service. This is an example of an exchange with the bot:

Here are the things the Insightly Assistant can do:

  • Give you basic Insightly Assistant instructions when you ask for help
  • Notify you of important changes in your Insightly account (notifications)
  • Find a Contact, Lead, or Opportunity
  • Add notes to the last found Contact or Lead
  • Update the state of the last found Opportunity
  • Add new Leads and Contacts
  • Add tasks with reminders

The Assistant can also notify you know when:

  • Imports or exports are complete
  • Project or Opportunity pipeline stages are changed
  • Opportunities over a certain value are won
  • Leads with a minimum Lead rating and company size (number of employees) are created

Using the Insightly Assistant with Slack

To communicate with the Insightly Assistant on Slack:

  1. Your Insightly administrator needs to connect the two systems and map your channels
  2. Each user will need to log in from Slack with their API key.
  3. You'll then be able to communicate with the Insightly Assistant in Slack.

Questions? Contact us at (Support available with all paid plans.)

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