How to change your notification and auto-follow settings

Notifications will alert you when a record is updated or assigned to you. Notification settings give you control over which notifications you receive and which records you will automatically follow. To get notifications about updates to a record, you must be following it.

For synced calendars triggering Google notifications, see Google Calendar notification settings.

Your notification and auto-follow settings are located on the User Settings > Notifications and User Settings > Following pages.

To quickly jump to the settings, click the bell at the top of the page and then click My Notification Settings.

Go to Notifications to choose what you're notified about. Go to Following to choose to automatically follow records that are created by or assigned to you.


Notification settings

To select when Insightly will send you a notification, check the boxes next to your options.

  1. Task reminders - When you set a reminder day and time on your own tasks.
  2. New assignments - When a specific object is assigned to you.
  3. Record is updated - When the details are changed in a record you are following.
  4. Link is added - When another record is linked with the record you are following. For example, if someone saves a new email from or links an opportunity to a contact you are following.
  5. Save Notification Settings - Save your changes!

Automatically follow items to get alerts when they change

You don't necessarily have to click the Follow button on every record you want to receive notifications for. Using the auto-follow settings, Insightly can automatically follow items for you.

  1. Records I modify automatically follows records you create, update, or comment on.
  2. Records assigned to me follows records that you are responsible for, in case others make updates or changes while you are working on something.
  3. Records I assign to others follows records you assign to another user, letting you stay up to date on their progress.
  4. View Items I'm Following takes you to the list of records you're following. You can unfollow them from the list.
  5. Save Following Settings - To save changes you make above.


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