Using your Insightly mailbox address to save emails

Use your Insightly mailbox address to save emails and organize copies of your correspondence in Insightly.

If you are a Gmail or Outlook 2013+ user, you can also save email right from your inbox. Check out the Gmail Sidebar for Chrome and the Outlook add-in.

This mailbox address isn't an email inbox or mail application, like Gmail or Yahoo, where you’ll send and receive emails. Think of it as an email address for an Insightly helper who will automatically file the message in the Insightly Emails tab and link it to related contacts and organizations. (Messages are not linked to leads automatically.)

Your Insightly mailbox

When forwarding messages to Insightly, you can send them to your Insightly mailbox address or to a mailbox for a specific opportunity or project.

You can find your Insightly mailbox address at the bottom of the Emails tab or on the User Settings > Mailbox page.

Mailbox page

Here's a shortcut that some customers like: Add a contact entry to your email program's address book for your Insightly mailbox address. Then, instead of copying-and-pasting the address from Insightly each time you need it, you can simply CC or forward to a contact name you set up, like "My Insightly Mailbox."

How Insightly links your messages

When you create or edit Insightly records, you can enter email addresses for contacts and email domains for organizations. When you send an email to your Insightly mailbox, the system scans the message header for email addresses and domains and automatically links the message to matching records. If Insightly does not find matching records, it will create the contacts and organizations for you.

Adding an Insightly email address to the To, CC, or BCC fields of an email have very different results when the email is received by Insightly. Each is addressed in the sections below.

The linking only supports email headers in English, so they must read "From," "To," "CC," and "BCC." If you forward a message and your email program is set to a different language, Insightly will not be able to recognize the fields and link to the correct contacts and organizations.

Use the To field to forward received messages

When you receive an email that you would like to save to Insightly, forward it to Insightly by entering your mailbox address in the To field. When Insightly receives the message, the system will look through the first 10 lines of the email body for email addresses and domains. (It will not link the email to other addresses in the To, CC, or BCC fields.)

Insightly expects the first few lines of the email body to contain the original email headers and look something like the text below:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Lorraine Laughlin <lol@someemail.inn>
Date: Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 11:27 AM
Subject: Important update!
To: Omar Gibbons <omg@someemail.inn>

If you are sending an email to someone and incorrectly include the Insightly mailbox address in the To field, Insightly will not find matching email addresses in the first few lines of the body and will only link the email to the user of the Insightly email address in the From field.

Use the CC field when sending messages

When sending an email that you would like to copy to Insightly, enter your mailbox address in the CC field. This will prompt the system to look through the To field when the message is received and find matching addresses.

Insightly can also scan the CC field for other addresses, if you have that setting enabled. See the Email Settings section for more information.

If you use a mailbox address for an Insightly opportunity or project in the CC field, Insightly will link it to that project or opportunity as well as other related records. Because of this, either use your personal mailbox address or the opportunity/project mailbox address. Do not use both.

Use the BCC field when sending messages... maybe

If you put your mailbox address in the BCC field of an outgoing message, Insightly may or may not be able to match it to the correct user; if we can, it works the same way as if you had used the CC field. This will depend on your email provider and email application. You may want to review our article regarding the use of the BCC field for more details.

Email settings

There are also some settings you can customize for email. Click the profile icon, navigate to the User Settings > Settings page, and scroll down to the email sections.

  • Check the box next to Include my Insightly mailbox address in the BCC field to have your email address automatically inserted in the BCC field when you initiate a message from Insightly.
  • Check the box next to Automatically add and link contacts included in the email CC field to have Insightly look through addresses in the CC field.
  • Check or uncheck the box next to Make my emails visible to others by default to set your default visibility settings for emails.

User email settings (2)

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