Setting up Google Contacts sync

Google Contacts Sync is an Insightly feature which syncs all of your Insightly contacts and contact updates to your Google Contacts list.


You do not need an "Insightly for G Suite" account to use the Google Contacts sync. It is available for any Gmail account when you have an Insightly paid plan.

  • This is a one-way sync to Google, so changes in Google Contacts are not synced back to Insightly
  • Google Contacts Sync is only available on paid Insightly plans
  • Every Insightly contact you have access to, except for users, will be copied to your Google Contacts
  • Contacts will appear in a group called "Insightly-Contacts" in Google Contacts. They can optionally be added to your "My Contacts" group, too.
  • If your Google account reaches the limits set by Google Contacts, Insightly will be unable to copy more contacts to Google and will turn off your sync setting for you


If you are interested in a two-way sync with Google, Outlook, Exchange, iCloud, or other services, PieSync offers fee-based syncing services.

To enable contact sync, there are two settings. First, administrators must enable the feature on your account from the System Settings page, and then each user will be able to set up their sync.

System setting for all users

Your Insightly administrator must enable this function for the entire account before individual users can set it up.

To enable Google Contacts Sync for the account:

  1. Click the profile menu to access the System Settings > Google Contact Sync page.
  2. Check Google Sync Enabled.
  3. Click the Save Settings button.

User settings

Each user who would like to use the contact sync must then set it up for their Google account.

To set up a sync from Insightly to Google Contacts:

  1. Click the profile menu, select User Settings, and then click Contact Sync.
  2. If your Insightly account is not connected to Google, click the Set up Google Integration link to allow Insightly access to your Google Contacts list. Otherwise, continue to step 3.


    Only click the Allow button after confirming that your browser is logged in to the correct Google account. Your account information will be in the upper right corner. If you connect to the wrong account, you can view and remove connected apps from your Google account's security settings.

  3. Select On.


    Google limits your number of contacts. If you reach the limit, Insightly cannot add more contacts, so your sync will automatically turn off. You can turn this on again after you free up space in Google Contacts.

  4. If you would like Insightly contacts to be added to your "My Contacts" group in Google, check the Add contacts to your Google "My Contacts" group option.
    User Setting Google Sync My Contacts

    A couple of notes about the "My Contacts" option:

    Many mobile devices and apps pick up contacts only from "My Contacts," so you may need to check this option to see your Insightly contacts outside of Google.

    If you have contacts in Insightly that already exist in Google Contacts, they will be duplicated on the Google side. Synced contacts will appear with the "Insightly-Contacts" group, and preexisting contacts will not.

  5. Click the Save Contact Sync Setting button to initiate your changes and start the sync process.

Resyncing all contacts

After the initial sync has been completed, you have the option to restart the process from scratch. Clicking the Resync All Contacts Now button will do two things:

  1. All contacts in the "Insightly-Contacts" group will be deleted from Google Contacts, even if they are also in the "My Contacts" group.
  2. All contacts from Insightly will be copied to the "Insightly-Contacts" group in Google Contacts. They will also be copied to the "My Contacts" group if you select that option.

Because the first step deletes all of the contacts in the "Insightly-Contacts" group, any edits you've made on the Google side (such as adding the records to other contact groups) will be lost.

User Settings Google Sync resync Oct 2014

Sync timing

Once the contact sync is enabled, your contacts will be queued for syncing. Insightly customer data is synced on a first-come, first-served basis, and when your sync begins, the page will display the sync progress and the number of contacts synced.

Once your Insightly contacts have been copied to Google, Insightly recognizes when a change is made to an Insightly contact and updates the corresponding Google contact within a few minutes.

Be careful when deleting contacts!

Keep in mind that sync will update Google Contacts each time a change is made to a contact in Insightly. Deleting a contact from Insightly will also delete it from Google Contacts for any user who is syncing that contact.

Mobile devices

To manage and update your Insightly contacts on the go, you can use one of our mobile options, such as downloading our Insightly iOS app or Android app for your mobile phone or tablet.

Disabling Google Contacts sync

You can learn how to disable Google Contacts sync here.

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