Changing your time zone and calendar settings

Depending on your location and your business, you will want to set up your Insightly calendar for your own time zone and calendar format preferences. From the User Settings page, you can:

  • Set your time zone, which affects your calendar, events, and reminders.
  • Enable default reminders for new tasks, when they include due dates.
  • Select your calendar's first day of the week and first week of the year.
  • Set the default visibility of new tasks and events.

Timezone setting

Each user can set their own regional settings for their geographic location. By choosing the proper time zone for your calendar, your events will display the correct times when viewed by your other Insightly users in different time zones.

  1. Go to User Settings > User Details.


  2. Scroll down to Regional Settings and select your Time Zone.
  3. Click Save User Details.

If you are using Calendar Sync to display Insightly items in your Google Calendar, you should also make sure that your Google time zone settings are correct.


Task and calendar settings

To set the defaults for your calendar view and for any new tasks or events you create, click the profile icon, select User Settings > User Settings and scroll down to the Task and Calendar Settings section. From these settings, you can:

  • Automatically set reminders and reminder times for new tasks with due dates. (This can still be changed when creating a new task.)
  • Set the first day of the week and first week of the year on your Insightly calendar.


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