How to follow records and receive notifications

You'll often want to receive updates for records that you're interested in. Maybe you want to be aware of changes to a contact or monitor a sales opportunity for progress.

To receive notifications when a record is updated, there are two things you need to do:

  • Follow the record that you want to keep an eye on
  • Enable the "Changes to followed record" options in your user settings

You can even automatically follow records as they're edited or assigned. See How to change your notification and auto-follow settings.

Following records

To follow a record, open the record and click the star to the right of the record name. A yellow star indicates you're following the record. You can click the star in the list views, too.


Notifications for changes to records

Insightly will send you a notification when any of the following happens.

  • The details of the record are updated
  • The record is linked to another record
  • A tag, comment, or file is added or deleted
  • The status or stage is changed

Viewing recent notifications

Click the bell icon at the top of the page to view recent notifications, go to your notification settings, or list all the records you are following.


On the Items I'm Following page, you can stop getting updates for a record by unfollowing it. Just click the Following button.

Items im following list

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