The Insightly CRM Security & Permissions Guide

  1. Choosing which permissions scheme to use
    1. An introduction to Simple and Advanced Permissions
    2. How to switch between Simple Permissions to Advanced Permissions
    3. Video overview of Advanced Permissions
  2. Setting up user access
    1. Adding a new user
    2. How to review a user's permissions and settings
    3. How to make a user an administrator
    4. How to grant or revoke permissions to export data
    5. How to create a read-only user (Advanced Permissions)
    6. How to change a record owner
    7. Changing the account owner on a paid subscription plan
  3. Using Simple Permissions
    1. Managing users with Simple Permissions
    2. How to set visibility permissions on a record
    3. How to change your default visibility for new tasks and events
    4. How to change your default visibility for saving emails
    5. Configuring the default record visibility for your users
  4. Using Advanced Permissions 
    1. Overview of Advanced Permissions
    2. Managing users with Advanced Permissions
    3. What are profiles? 
      1. Configuring a profile
    4. What is organization-wide sharing?
      1. Configuring organization-wide sharing
    5. What are roles?
      1. Configuring a role
      2. How to edit or move a role in your permissions hierarchy
    6. What are sharing rules?
      1. Configuring sharing rules
    7. Deleting a role or profile
    8. Troubleshooting Advanced Permissions and record access
  5. Understanding Insightly's System Security
    1. Data security
    2. Information for regulated industries
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