2. Setting Things Up

When you log in for the first time, Insightly creates "Get Started" tasks to guide you through your first steps. Click the Tasks tab in Insightly to view them. These tasks are included among these Getting Started articles and are marked with a green checkmark (). If you don't want to keep these tasks in Insightly, you can mark them complete or delete them.

The best way to start off with a new CRM is to import your customer records and to invite your users.

Importing Contacts and Leads 

We've got quite a few articles to help you through importing. It's best to read through the articles and watch the video below, but here are some basic tips:

  • The link to initiate an import is in the right sidebar on the Contacts and Leads tabs.
  • If you've got special fields in the spreadsheet you're importing, like your own customer ID numbers, make a place for them in Insightly by setting up custom fields before importing.
  • Check through your file to make sure each row is a single contact and each column matches up to a single field, like First Name, Last Name, and Mobile Phone.
  • You may need to clean up your data. For example, each contact should have either a first or last name, and street addresses should be complete. Check out our sample files to see how to organize your information.

Inviting Other Users 

To invite your team members to your Insightly account, go to the System Settings > Users page. (Click the profile icon in the upper right corner of Insightly to access your settings.) Once you've invited a user, they'll receive an email to help them log in.

Check Through User Settings and System Settings

Since you're on the System Settings page, click through the settings on the left and see the customization options available to you. You don't need to adjust anything now if you don't want to, but understanding what's available will help you plan your CRM implementation and expand it in the future. Only administrators can access this page.

User settings are also accessible from the profile menu. They include settings for your time zone, language, calendar, and more. Each Insightly user sets their own user settings.

Download the Mobile Apps 

If you'll need access to your Insightly information on-the-go, download our mobile apps for Android or iPhone & iPad. With a paid Insightly plan, they include the added feature of our business card scanner, which lets you snap a photo of a business card to create new contacts in Insightly.

Connect Your Other Apps 

Integrations are connections between programs that allow them to share data. If you use services like G Suite, Outlook 2013, Quickbooks Online, Dropbox, or Evernote, connecting them to Insightly will give you access to information and files from those systems right in your CRM. Take a look at our current integrations and connect your apps to Insightly to improve productivity.

Now that you have your contacts, settings, and new users set up, let's cover some Insightly basics.

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