What's the Insightly Sidebar for Gmail?

We recommend all Gmail users use the Insightly Add-on for Gmail.

The Insightly Sidebar for Gmail is a Chrome browser extension that gives you access to Insightly from your Gmail inbox. With the Insightly Sidebar, you can:

  • View Insightly records
  • Save messages from your inbox or sent folder
  • Save a message and link it to other records
  • Save a message as you send it
You do not need to have a G Suite account connected to Insightly to use the Sidebar. It will function with any Gmail account.

To use the Insightly Sidebar, you'll need:

Viewing contact information

Once you have the Sidebar installed, you'll have direct access to your Insightly tasks and your contacts and their related items, like projects, events, and opportunities.

To view the Insightly information for an email contact or lead, click the Sidebar's Insightly icon or information icon and point your mouse cursor to the email contact. You can do this from an open email or from your email inbox list.

If the Sidebar doesn't find a match in Insightly, you can create a new Insightly contact or lead (as long as Lead Management is enabled). If there is a match, the contact's name will appear in the title of the Sidebar, and you can navigate through the other icons to view related records.

  1. Contact information: View the selected contact, or create a new contact.
  2. Search: Find Insightly records by type.
  3. Tasks: View your own Insightly task list.
  4. Activities: View Insightly events, tasks, and emails for the selected contact.
  5. Opportunities: View Insightly opportunities for the selected contact.
  6. Projects: View projects for the selected contact.
  7. Emails: View Insightly emails to or from the selected contact.
  8. Settings: Log in or out of the Insightly account from the Sidebar.
  9. Help: Links to Insightly Support articles and feedback pages.
  10. Hide or expand the Sidebar.

When viewing a list of items, hover over a record to view more details.


When you're viewing an item, you can:

  1. Open the full record in the Sidebar.
  2. Edit the item.
  3. Open a new browser tab to view the complete record in Insightly.


Saving email

You can save messages from your inbox or sent folder to Insightly from Gmail. Click the Insightly icon above any open message to save it to Insightly. You can also click the down arrow to save the email and link it to existing Insightly records.

And when sending an email, click the Send and Save to Insightly icon to send the message and save it to Insightly in one step. If you've already sent a message, you can open it from your sent folder to save it or save and link it using the icon above the message.

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