How to refresh data on our iOS and Android apps

When you view an item for the first time on the Insightly iOS or Android apps—like your contacts list or a sales opportunity—the app will retrieve the latest information from your Insightly account.

If you're returning to an item after a few minutes, the app will look for incremental changes and update your view in case someone back at the office has added new information.

While you shouldn't need to, you can also resync your data in a few different ways. This is similar to refreshing a web page in your browser.

Refreshing a list of items

To refresh a list, swipe down on the list. You'll see messages above the list indicating the sync status.


Refreshing a single record

An individual item works the same way. Pull down on the record's details to update the information and look for the "Syncing..." message.


Resyncing all your data

If you'd like to refresh all of the data from your Insightly account, there's an option on the Settings screen for just this purpose.

Tap Settings, then Resync all your account data to download every record.

If you're experiencing other issues, see our additional troubleshooting steps for the mobile apps.

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