The Insightly CRM Reporting Guide

  1. Learn about your reporting options
    1. Custom reports and standard (legacy) reports
    2. Legacy reports
    3. Overview of advanced reporting
    4. Advanced reporting views
    5. What is the Opportunity History Report?
    6. What are Linked Items reports?
    7. What is the Expected Revenue field in opportunity reports?
    8. What are the User Generated Activity and User Activity Reports?

  2. Build advanced reports
    1. Creating Advanced Reports (video)
    2. How to create a custom report
    3. How to create, edit, and delete report folders
    4. Basic report filtering
    5. Using filter logic for advanced reporting
    6. Adding summary rows to reports
    7. How to add a chart to your report

  3. Work with your saved reports
    1. Running a custom report
    2. Setting up scheduled reports and alerts
    3. Making a copy of a custom report
    4. How to edit an existing report
    5. Troubleshooting custom reports

  4. Do more with your data
    1. How to export a custom report
    2. Connecting Power BI to Insightly
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