Set up your account to send email from Insightly

By connecting your email account to Insightly you can send email without leaving your CRM, utilize email templates, automatically save a copy of your sent message to the Insightly Emails tab, and receive replies in the inbox of your email account.

Insightly provides connections to Gmail, Office 365 Outlook, (which includes Hotmail accounts), and SMTP servers like Microsoft Exchange.

A few notes about this feature:

  • If you have set up email aliases on your email account, these are not accessible from Insightly.
  • If you're setting up an SMTP connection, be sure to work with your email administrator to obtain the correct login information.
  • It's a good idea to check if your email provider has sending limits for your account. Some email providers may only allow you to send a limited number of emails per day or per hour.

To connect Insightly to your email server

  1. Go to User Settings > Email Accounts.
  2. Select your email service. For SMTP connections, select the Other option.
  3. Follow the prompts to connect to Gmail or, or enter your email credentials and click the Add Account button.
  4. For the Other/SMTP option, enter your server name and click Next.


    If you don't understand how SMTP works, it's important to ask for assistance from your email administrator. SMTP is a protocol used for sending email, which is what you'll use here.

    If you try to enter information for POP or IMAP protocols, which are used for retrieving messages, they will not work. If you have trouble, check our troubleshooting article.

  5. You'll be prompted for your port number and other login information. Click Add Account.

  6. Insightly will send you a verification email and the new account will appear in the Email Accounts list. If you don't receive an email, try deleting the account and adding it again.

If your account does not appear immediately or you see an error message, check your email inbox.

Some email applications, like, will send you an email asking you to sign in and confirm the connection. You can then return to Insightly and choose the email provider again, which will complete the verification.

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