Best Practices for Onboarding

Before your team can start using Insightly, it’s important to outline how to make it work for you. This article will help you created a focused, organized plan for implementing your new CRM.

Establish a project management team responsible for the implementation and adoption of Insightly

  • Include representation from different departments who are stakeholders in the CRM's success
  • Ensure the members of your project management team have the bandwidth and interest level to be engaged 
  • Establish realistic project goals and timelines to hold the team to

Start with a clear outline of your pre-sales, sales, and post-sales processes

  • What actions need to be taken by your team
  • Who on your team is responsible for what
  • What information needs to be gathered and reported on
  • Integrate with your other tools - accounting, signing, marketing, email

Work with your CSM to establish a realistic Go-Live date and outline a Go-Live plan together

  • By what date do you need to be fully working out of Insightly?
  • What tools need to be built first, and what can be staged in the future?
  • What are your goals and benchmarks for success?
  • Keep it simple - Target key information on your different record types - don’t strive to collect too much data while getting started

Schedule weekly meetings with your CSM until you have graduated your Onboarding phase, then monthly for maintenance and iteration

  • Include key users in your customization calls - what tools do they need to support their day-to-day work?

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