Best Practices for Adoption

We know implementing a new CRM can seem challenging, but you're in good hands. To help you drive adoption quickly and easily, check out our best practices below. 

Create a detailed adoption plan

  • Work with your CSM to create internal communication templates for introducing Insightly and driving adoption over time
  • Start from the top down and get executive or management-level buy-in before rolling it out to larger teams
  • Schedule role-based training for your managers and users with your CSM
    • For reps,  walk them through the new user experience, how to create, edit, and track their opportunities and contacts
    • For managers, show them how to use dashboards and reports, as well as create custom list views and workflow automation to stay on top of their team’s open deals
  • Create an Insightly Guide that will outline what information should be captured in Insightly, how to correctly log it, and who is responsible for keeping it up-to-date. Be sure to update this routine guide continuously to reflect changes, either in the CRM due to upgrades, or new workflows you have built.

Make Insightly’s adoption a top priority for the first 6 months.

  • Teach by example by sending team updates and refer to notes stored in Insightly or making Insightly a focal point during team meetings
  • Institutionalize reporting throughout your organization
    • Schedule weekly/monthly reporting for managers and top-level stakeholders
    • Incorporate Insightly reports and dashboards into organization-wide decision making
  • Use dashboards to motivate your sales team
    • Track your sales team’s success
    • Identify valuable trends
  • Ensure data accuracy by commit to weekly housekeeping to dedupe and clean up new records
  • Reward those who are using Insightly and appoint Insightly Ambassadors
    • Track activity logged, conversion rates, success metrics, and data accuracy
    • Have top performers demonstrate how they use Insightly to the rest of the team
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