User Settings

User Settings can be accessed by all users and is used to personalize your account to fit your preferences and needs. The changes you make here will not affect another user's settings.

Let's start with the basics. Click the profile menu and select User Settings to get started. 


Regional settings

Where: User Settings > User Details

Why: Each user should set their time zone to keep their calendar as accurate as possible. You can also adjust your default currency and regional number formating.

Country and language settings

Where: User Settings > User Details

Why: Insightly can be set to one of several different languages. Each member can set their account to their preferred language. Don't forget to set your default address country as well!


Where: User Settings > Notifications

Why: You can receive emails when updates are made to records in Insightly. Choose the types of updates you'd like to receive. See How to change your notification and auto-follow settings.

Follow records

Where: User Settings > Following

Why: Get notified about the status of records you've assigned, had assigned to you, or that you've modified. See How to change your notification and auto-follow settings.

Connect your email

Where: User Settings > Email Accounts

Why: By connecting your email account to Insightly you can send email without leaving your CRM, utilize email templates, automatically save a copy of your sent message to the Insightly Emails tab, and receive replies in the inbox of your email account.

Insightly provides connections to Gmail, Office 365 Outlook, (which includes Hotmail accounts), and SMTP servers like Microsoft Exchange. See Set up your account to send email from Insightly.

Add an email signature

Where: User Settings >  Email Signature

Why: Customizing your email signature will reduce the chances that your messages will end up in the spam folder of your email recipients when sending email from Insightly. See Customizing your email signature.

Other important settings

There are a few other important items to set up:

Administrators can also modify some of these settings for their users from System Settings > User List.

You can adjust your settings whenever you like. There are many more options for customizing your account - take some time to explore and make Insightly yours.

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