How to create Dynamic List Rules

Dynamic List Rules are used to set the Prospect, Lead, and Contact criteria that a Dynamic List will filter by in order to add them to the List.

For instance, if you need a List that contains only customers from Australia, you would create a rule that would automatically add any Prospects with their country set to Australia to the List.

These rules can only be used for Dynamic Lists. Prospects can be manually added to static and email test Lists, but a Prospect can only be added to a Dynamic List through rules.


How to create a Dynamic List Rule

  1. Go to Lists. Select the List you want to add rules to.

  2. Open the Prospects tab.

  3. Click Edit List Rules.

  4. Click Add New Rule. Use the fields to set your List criteria.
    Dynamic lists can be updated with related objects as a filter.

  5. Click Add.

  6. When you've finished adding rules, click Save Rules.

The List will be updated with any matching Prospects. Refresh the page to see the results.

Schedule Triggers

Most Dynamic Lists are reevaluated and updated every sixty minutes. Journey Dynamic Lists are updated every five minutes.

This occurs in the following scenarios:

  1. When Insightly automatically examines all Dynamic Lists that are being used in an active Journey, then updates them by reading the latest List settings.

  2. When Insightly finds and reviews all other Dynamic Lists.

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