How to create Dynamic List Rules

Dynamic List Rules are used to set the Prospect, Lead, and Contact criteria that a Dynamic List will filter by in order to add them to the List.

For instance, if you need a List that contains only customers from Australia, you would create a rule that would automatically add any Prospects with their country set to Australia to the List.

These rules can only be used for Dynamic Lists. Prospects can be manually added to Static and Email Test Lists, but a Prospect can only be added to a Dynamic List through rules.

  • List Rules tab

  • How to create Dynamic List Rules

  • Schedule triggers

List Rules tab

When viewing a Dynamic List record, the second tab that appears is the List Rules tab. From here, users can add new rules or edit existing rules that are used to determine which Prospects should be added to the List. Dynamic Lists can be updated using related objects as a filter.

The Prospects List will display the last time it was recalculated. The List members can be recalculated at any time by clicking Recalculate List.

List membership is automatically recalculated by Insightly every ten minutes or so. When the List is recalculating, the List members will not appear while this is in progress.

Preview table

If a user starts creating, editing or deleting the List Rules, the Prospects Preview table will replace the list of Prospects while the results are being saved. This table will remain empty until the user clicks the Save Rules and Preview button; this needs to be done in order for the Prospects Preview table to populate.

If a user starts editing rules in an existing, fully calculated List or starts adding a new filter, the Prospects table will immediately disappear and will be replaced with the Prospects Preview table.

When the List has finished saving, the Prospects Preview table will disappear and the newly calculated Prospects table will reappear.

Wildcards in URL's

When creating a rule that filters webpages, Insightly allows wildcard URLs.

To do this, replace the extension path of the URL with an asterisk (*). By adding an asterisk, you are telling Insightly to allow that portion of the URL to be variable.

For example:*

Insightly would then include the following URLs:


Insightly only allows up to 8 filter criteria in any one Dynamic List. Several rules can check how many times the Prospect has taken an action within a set number of days or weeks, up to 52 days or 52 weeks.

Users can set up the following types of rules:

Add a rule based an Object’s standard and custom fields. Filter out Prospects based on what information is present on a field.

  • Prospects Fields

  • Contacts Fields

  • Leads Fields

  • Organizations Fields

Add a rule based on a Prospect’s interactions with Emails. These rules can be useful for removing Prospects from the List that haven’t been receptive to your Emails.

  • Prospect has been emailed

  • Prospect sent Email

  • Prospect Email bounced

  • Prospect opened Email

  • Prospect clicked Email

Add a rule that checks which webpages a Prospect has viewed or visited. Use these rules to identify Prospects that are interacting with specific pages. If they aren’t viewing these pages, they won’t be included in the List.

  • Prospect visited website

  • Prospect viewed Landing Page

  • Prospect viewed webpage

Add a rule that checks if a Prospect has interacted with other Insightly Marketing Objects. If they haven’t taken these actions initially, they can be added to the List if they do so later.

  • Prospect submitted Form

  • Prospect downloaded File

  • Prospect clicked Redirect Link

Add a rule that adds Prospects based on which Lists the Prospect is a member of.

  • Prospect List membership

Add a rule that adds a Prospect that has started or completed a specific Journey.

  • Prospect started a Journey

  • Prospect completed Journey

Add a rule that checks the Prospect’s interactions with an event.

  • Prospect Zoom Webinar (Joined, Left, Registered, Approved, Cancelled, Denied)

How to create Dynamic List Rules

  1. Go to Lists. Select a Dynamic List.

  2. Open the List Rules tab.

  3. Click Add a New Rule.

  4. Click the Choose Rule Type… dropdown.

  5. The parameters for that particular rule type will appear and can be configured.

    There are two options for the date limiter: days and weeks. The minimum value is 1 and the maximum value is 52.

  6. Click Save.

Schedule triggers

Most Dynamic Lists are reevaluated and updated every sixty minutes.

List membership is automatically recalculated by Insightly every ten minutes or so. While the List is recalculating, the List members will not appear until the update is complete.

Dynamic Lists used in Journeys are updated every five minutes.

This occurs in the following scenarios:

  1. When Insightly automatically examines all Dynamic Lists that are being used in an active Journey, then updates them by reading the latest List settings.

  2. When Insightly finds and reviews all other Dynamic Lists.

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