What are Journeys?

Journeys are used for nurturing your prospective customers. With them, you can monitor customer interactions and streamline your marketing process.

The Journey Builder is a tool for structuring an automated path for your Prospects to take. Where their Journey ends depends on where you decide to guide them.


Journey Steps

Typically, Journeys begin with sending an email. Then, they'll move forward based on the Prospect's engagement with your content. The steps of your Journey can be configured in whatever order works for your needs.

There are 3 step options:

  • Actions
    • An update or task you want to occur to a Prospect or user, such as sending an email or increasing a score.
  • Triggers
    • Prompt that sets off an action, such as a Prospect opening an email.
  • Checks
    • Verifies a Prospect's field values before allowing them to move forward in the Journey.

Lists and Prospects

Lists are used to determine which Prospects will be the targets of a Journey.

When creating or editing a Journey, users can add as many Lists as necessary to their recipient and suppression Lists.

If a Prospect is on a suppression List, they will not be included in the Journey, even if they are also on a recipient List.


They can take a linear, straightforward path or they can branch out in multiple directions based on a Prospect's engagement.

You can start building your Journey and run it at a later time if you haven't gotten your Lists or Prospects ready. 

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