What are Prospects?

Prospects are the people you are targeting with your marketing efforts. Prospects can come from many types of sources, depending on your business.

For example, a Prospect could be someone who signed up for your newsletter. Adding them into Insightly as a Prospect helps ensure that you can reach them through future campaigns.




Prospects are available on all Insightly Marketing plans.


How Prospects work

Prospects can be used in several ways. When you've identified some potential customers, categorize and organize them into Lists. These Lists can focus on any details you find relevant, such as the Prospect's location or industry.

After they are added to a List, you can use that List in a Journey. The Journey Builder is a tool for structuring an automated path for your Prospects to take.

If you are also using Insightly CRM, you can create relationships between your Prospects and a Contact or Lead.

Using the CRM Connector, you can automatically create a new Prospect for every Lead or Contact in Insightly CRM. Just map the fields and set your syncing settings.

Additionally, any related Opportunity activity will appear on your Prospect's timeline tab.


Timeline tab

The timeline tab allows users to review a Prospect’s tracked activity. The activity also appears on linked Contact and Lead records.

Browsing session - Clicking the title of a browsing session will direct users to the Visitor Web Page Activity Report for that browsing session.

Email opens, clicks, deliveries, and bounces - Any time an Email is opened, links are clicked within an Email, the Email is successfully delivered, or the Email bounced, it is recorded on the timeline tab of the Prospect’s record.

Users can review their Prospect’s interactions by clicking the hyperlink for activity. The Email record will open and you can review further data in the statistics tab. In the expanded timeline entry, the Email Template used will be hyperlinked in the Email Name field.

Geographic location - When Prospects click or open an Email, users can see the geographic location in which the Prospect performed this action.

Form Handler submissions - If a Prospect has submitted a Form, you can review the data they provided. Clicking the activity’s hyperlink will open the Form Handler record.

Zoom webinars - You can view which webinars a Prospect has registered for and attended in the timeline tab. Reports about your webinar registration and attendance can be pulled using a Visitor Integration Activity report. This will provide a full list of who attended, joined, and left any of your Zoom webinars.

SPAM - When Insightly identifies SPAM activity, the Prospect and their activity will be marked as SPAM.

YouTube video engagement - Insightly captures play, pause, and end events when a Prospect interacts with YouTube videos embedded on Landing Pages or on a tracked website. You could gauge a Prospect’s level of interest based on their engagement with the videos and increase or decrease their Prospect Score accordingly. Multiple videos can be embedded on the Landing Page or tracked website.

The title of the video hyperlinks to the YouTube video being tracked. The event also includes a timestamp in seconds in which the video event that occurred, the YouTube video ID, the video action, and the video category.


Use cases

  • Assign scores based on a Prospect’s engagement. If they opened an Email, increase their score. If they ignored your last two Emails, lower their score.

  • Add Prospects to suppression Lists when you've determined are no longer a good fit for your business.

  • Add Prospects to Lists if they are from a specific region that you’re trying to target.

  • If a Prospect has registered for a Zoom webinar, add them to a Journey that will send an Email the morning of the webinar to remind them to attend.


How to create

Please read the following article to learn how to create Prospects:

How to create a Prospect

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