What are Prospects?

Prospects are the people you are targeting with your marketing efforts. Prospects can come from many types of sources, depending on your business.

For example, a Prospect could be someone who signed up for your newsletter. Adding them into Insightly as a Prospect helps ensure that you can reach them through future campaigns.


When you've identified some potential customers, categorize and organize them into Lists. These Lists can focus on any details you find relevant, such as the Prospect's location or industry.

Any Emails you create will be sent to one or more Lists. Use suppression Lists for Prospects who you've determined are no longer a good fit for your business.

Assign scores based on their engagement. If they opened an email, increase their score. If they ignored your last two emails, lower their score.


If you are also using Insightly CRM, you can create relationships between your Prospects and a Contact or Lead. 

Using the CRM Connector, you can automatically create a new Prospect for every Lead or Contact in Insightly CRM. Just map the fields and set your syncing settings.

Additionally, any related Opportunity activity will appear on your Prospect's timeline tab.

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