What are Lists?

Lists are containers for groups of Prospects. The Prospects that fill a List are generated based on conditions or criteria set by a user. Lists can be used as recipient Lists or suppression Lists for Journeys or Emails.

For example, you can create a List that only includes Prospects from a certain country or excludes Prospects that work in a specific industry. They can also be configured based on actions a Prospect has taken, like opening an email.

Lists are used to determine who your Email campaigns are sent to. You can use multiple Lists when sending an Email.

Instead of creating Lists with multiple filters, you might find it easier to create smaller, targeted Lists. This will make it easier to reuse them in the future.

List Types

There are three types of Lists in Insightly Marketing: Static, Dynamic, and Email Test Lists.

Dynamic Lists are automatically populated when a Prospect meets certain criteria, while Static and Email Test Lists will need to have Prospects added manually. Once you choose a List type, you cannot change it.

Static Lists

These Lists are built manually, meaning that Insightly will not add, remove, or update Prospects automatically. Insightly Marketing users cannot be added to these Lists. Any Lists that are split become Static Lists.

Instead, Prospects are added either individually or through bulk editing on the Prospects record page. Here, you can use List Views to filter and find records matching any criteria needed.

Read How to add Prospects to Static Lists for more information.

Dynamic Lists

Dynamic Lists are rule-based and will update automatically as Prospects are edited or updated. Insightly Marketing users cannot be added to these Lists.

These Lists are useful for weeding out Prospects that no longer meet certain criteria without users needing to update them manually.

For instance, a Prospect may have been added to the List because they were signed up for your newsletter. If they unsubscribe, the List can remove them automatically.

Any Prospects on a Dynamic List cannot be added or removed manually; the content of each List is determined by whether or not a Prospect fits the criteria set.

When a new Dynamic List is first created, it will have no rules. Read How to create Dynamic List Rules to learn more about adding rules to dynamic Lists. Read Dynamic List Rules to learn how to add Prospects to Dynamic Lists.

Email Test Lists

Email Test Lists are a type of Static List that allow you to test an Email campaign before sending it out to your Prospects.

Your Email Test Lists can only contain Prospects that are users in Insightly. If you have a coworker you need to send the Email to, they must be an Insightly Marketing user to be added on the List.

Read Adding Prospects to email test Lists to learn more.

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