How to split a List

If you have too many Prospects on a List, you can split the original list into several new lists with the Prospects divided across them.

You can create up to 10 new lists. The original List record will be preserved when you create the new, split Lists. The Prospects will be randomly divided into the new Lists.

You can split both dynamic and static lists. Any Lists you create from splitting will become static lists.

To split a List:

  1. Go to Lists. Select the List you need to split.
  2. Click the Actions dropdown. Select Split this List.
  3. By default, the List will be split into 2, each assigned 50% of the Prospects. To split the List further, click Add New Split.
  4. Adjust the percentages of each of your lists. The total percentage must equal 100.
  5. Rename each List if needed.
  6. Click Split List.
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