How to schedule an Email

Once you've finished creating an Email template, the next step is to schedule a date and time to send it to your Prospects.

There are two methods for scheduling an Email:

  1. During Email creation on the Summary step.
    • Set up manually by a user
    • Useful if you want the Email to arrive in a Prospect's inbox at a specific date and time
  2. Adding Send Email as an action in a Journey you've configured.
    • Will be sent automatically as an action in a Journey you've configured
    • Use this method if you want the email to be sent based on a trigger, such as "Send this email 1 hour after they subscribe to our newsletter"

To schedule a send date while creating an Email:

Read How to create email templates and send an email campaign in Insightly Marketing if you want to learn more about creating templates. The steps below go into further detail about email scheduling.

  1. Go to Emails. Open the Email you want to schedule and go to the Summary tab.
  2. Under the Delivery section, you will find the Scheduling field. By default, the Email is set to send immediately. Click "This campaign will send immediately" to alter the scheduled date and time.
  3. You will have three scheduling options. Send now, in three hours, or choose a date and time. Select one and click Save.

To schedule an Email in a Journey:

Read How to configure a Journey for a complete overview of the Journey creation process. The steps below go into detail about creating an action that will send an Email.

  1. Go to Journeys. Open an existing Journey or click New Journey.
  2. If you are creating a new Journey, fill out the details and click Save to continue.
  3. Click the plus icon. If you are working on an existing Journey, you may have multiple plus icons available. These icons represent where an action, trigger, or check is added in your Journey.
  4. Click Add Action.
  5. Select Send Email.
  6. Choose which Email will be sent.
  7. Set the send time. You can choose to send it immediately, after a wait period of days or hours, or on a specific date.
  8. Click Save.
  9. If you are ready for your Journey to start running, click the Actions dropdown. Select Run Journey.
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