How to add users to Insightly Marketing

Google has renamed G Suite to Google Workplace.

To add users to Insightly Marketing Automation, you must be an Administrator.

These are the steps for adding a new user to Insightly Marketing. If you need to simply enable Insightly Marketing for an existing user, follow these steps instead. 

How to add new users

  1. Go to System Settings > User List.
  2. To add or invite a new user, click Add New User
  3. There are two options for adding new users.
    You can select a Google Apps User from the dropdown to the left or you can invite a non-Gmail user by entering their name and email address in the fields to the right.

    How you add a user here will determine how they sign into Insightly.

    If they are added as a Google Apps User, they will Sign in with Google G Suite.

    If they are invited as a non-G Suite user, they will sign in using their email and password.

  4. Click Add New User.


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