How to suppress Prospects

In Insightly Marketing, you will create Lists with filtered criteria to organize your Prospects. This is not only used for the recipients of your marketing activities - these Lists will be useful for determining which Prospects should be suppressed.

To suppress a Prospect, they will need to be on a static or dynamic List. Then, when you are creating an email, you will add that List to the Suppression Lists field.


If you have a Prospect that is on a recipient List and a suppression List, the Prospect will be suppressed.

What kind of suppression Lists can I make?

You can make suppression Lists with any kind of criteria you want. Below are some examples of Lists you can create using Dynamic List Rules.

  • To avoid emailing a Prospect you didn't create
    1. Create a dynamic List.
    2. Add a rule with a filter of Create By User, not equal to, with a value of your name.
  • To avoid emailing a Prospect too often
    1. Create a dynamic List.
    2. Add a rule to include users who have been emailed less than 3 days ago.
  • To avoid Prospects who might not be interested in an email based on their demographic information. 
    1. Create a dynamic List.
    2. Add a rule that filters by a location field (for example, city or country) and add the location to be filtered by.
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