How to add Prospects to static Lists

Adding Prospects to static Lists is a manual process. Unlike dynamic lists, Prospects on static Lists are added and removed directly by the user.

The simplest way to do this is to use List Views to filter the records and then using bulk editing to add all of the Prospects to the List at once.

You can also add each Prospect to a List one by one, but adding Prospects in bulk to a new List is much less time-consuming.

Bulk Edit pages also allow users to find fields using a search bar. Use this feature to quickly find a specific field rather than scrolling through a substantial list of available fields.

To add Prospects to a static List:

  1. Go to Prospects. Click the gear icon and select Add New List View.
  2. Give your List View a name and choose the sharing settings. Click Save List View.
  3. Under List Filters, click Add a Filter Row.
  4. Set the criteria for your List Filter. Click Add.
  5. After you've set all the criteria you need for your List, check the box at the top of your Prospects list. If you have more than 50 records, click "Select all ### records in this list" to add every Prospect that meets the criteria to your List.
  6. Click the Add to List button.
  7. Select a List from the dropdown. Click Save.

Adding individual Prospects to a static List:

If you want to add a single Prospect to a List, you can do so from the Actions dropdown of the Prospect.


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