How to create an Email template for use in a Journey

When configuring a Journey, you might want to add a step that will send an email to your Prospects. To do this, you will first need to create an Email template.

You can use templates for One to One Emails, List Emails, Customer Journey Emails, and Auto-Responder Emails. You will need to enable where a template can be used during creation or editing.

To create an Email template for use in a Journey:

  1. Go to Emails. Click Email Templates.
  2. Click New Email Template.
  3. Choose a name, subject, and Folder.
  4. In the Template Type section, check each box you want the template to be available. For a Journey, you must check Customer Journey Emails.
  5. Select the template permissions.
  6. Click Save.

From here, you will start configuring the template.

To configure a template:

  1. Since you will be starting with a blank template, start by going to the Rows tab and dragging some onto your template.
  2. There are several content options that can be added to your template:
    • Text
    • Image
    • Button
    • Divider
    • Social
    • HTML

    From the Content tab, select one and drag it where you want it to appear on your template.

  3. Click on the content you've added to pull up content properties. From here, you can further customize the content you've added.

    For example, if you added a button you can add a URL, change the text formatting, alter the button color, and more.
  4. If you want the email to automatically add information from a Prospect's fields, like their name, click Merge tags when editing the content properties of a text field. 
  5. The last tab is the Settings tab. Here, you can adjust general settings, like your default font or the background color of your template.
  6. You can delete content that's been added by clicking it and selecting the trash icon that appears.
  7. When you've finished, click Save Design.
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