How to clone an Email

If you want to reuse an Email you've created, but need to keep the original intact, you can clone it.

To clone an Email:

  1. Go to Emails. 
  2. Find the Email and click the 3-dot menu. Select Clone This Email.
  3. A cloned version of the email will appear.
    Go through each step, which will follow the same process as creating a new Email. Since this Email is a clone, you won't have to start from scratch - just edit as needed.

    If you want to keep the same Email design, skip the template selection step. If you choose a new template, it will erase the design you cloned to this new Email.

  4. Once you reach the Summary section, review the recipient and suppression Lists, the email subject line, and the scheduled delivery date.
    The delivery date is set to send immediately by default, so make sure you review everything carefully!
  5. When you're done editing, click Finish.
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