Best Practices for Sending Newsletters

Many Insightly Marketing users want to send newsletters to their Prospect database. This might be one of the first things you do after implementing Insightly Marketing. It is also a great way to clean up your prospect database to see who is responsive to communications from your business. 

Start by creating an engaging newsletter template you can reuse each month. Your Email template should include an unsubscribe option, clear calls to action, and uncluttered design.

To set up a newsletter Journey, you will need:

  • A newsletter Email template
  • One static List of all your Prospects to start. You might want to segment your List if it is over 20,000 records (typically by location, business size, or other criteria that is important to your business)
  • Three static Lists for: those who open your Email, those who click on your Email (warmer leads), and those who do not open your Email (optional but highly encouraged to weed out non-responders!)
  • An outline of the Journey you want to take your Prospects through

After you’ve created your Lists and Email template, create the Journey and plug in your assets. You can make your Journey as simple or sophisticated as you’d like, and we have a few examples of what that could look like.

Simple newsletter send

You are simply creating a List and sending one Email. There is no action based on the results. This is useful for cleaning up bounced Emails from your database.


Segmenting based on open rates 

Simple is good, but we recommend taking it at least one step further and segment your Prospect list by whether they did or did not open your Email.

This will tell you who is engaged with your content and who should potentially be removed from your Prospect list. 


In this Journey, we’ve added a step to check if someone has opened the email. If they have, they are added to a new List for “Newsletter - Opens”.

If they did not open the email after 7 days, we add them to another List for “Newsletter - Unopens”.

Taking action based on behavior 

If you want to build a more sophisticated Journey for your Prospects that would provide you the most visibility into your Prospect database, you should continue marketing to the Prospects who didn’t open your Email to determine if they are worth keeping in your system or not. 

We recommend sending the same newsletter to those people a few days later, perhaps with a different subject line, then checking again to see who did and didn’t open it. From there, you would do the same check and segment to the open and unopened lists.


Best Practices for Newsletters: 

  1. The primary goal of the newsletter is to nurture your growing mailing list, so promote your newsletter across your website, social pages, in your email signature, and marketing materials. This keeps your most active and potential buyers top of mind when they are ready to purchase or engage.
  2. Use a different subject line every time that reflects the content in the newsletter. 
  3. Always send a test to yourself and a few other members of your team to ensure your email renders correctly across all browsers and on mobile. Insightly provides a great desktop and mobile email preview utility to help with this.
  4. Keep your content balanced - a good rule of thumb for newsletter content is 90% educational and 10% promotional.
  5. Make sure your newsletter is CAN-SPAM compliant with a prominent and easy, one-click option to unsubscribe. Plus, include a mailing address in your footer so subscribers to communicate with your company.  This will help optimize your Email deliverability as well.
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