Building Your First Journey

What an exciting time! You're about to create your first Journey using Insightly Marketing. 

You probably already have an idea of what you want to build for your first Journey, but if not, here are a few ideas:

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Company announcement
  • Nurture campaign to generate more leads 
  • Nurture campaign to revive cold leads 

Before you begin

Align sales and marketing on a clearly defined goal for your journey or campaign. This goal should be specific and measurable, so you know definitively if you've achieved it or not. If you do meet it, what comes next? Always think a few steps ahead. 

Start building your assets

All Journeys include the same four ingredients. 

1. A Prospect list 

Who are you targeting with this campaign? By segmenting your Prospects onto Lists by lead grade, lead score, behavior, or interest, you can create targeted messages that will resonate with your recipients. 

Prospects can be added to a list manually using a static list or automatically using a dynamic List. If you are sending one email to a defined segment, you will likely start with a static List. If you want to send Prospects through a drip or nurture campaign based on where they are in your buying Journey, you would create a dynamic List that would add and remove prospects based on your pre-defined rules. 

Once you have your targeted List, you can begin drafting the messaging you want them to receive. 

2. Email template(s) 

Depending on what kind of Journey you are building, you may need to create a few different Email templates. 

For a batch & blast Email (like a newsletter or general announcement), you will want to have one Email template you continuously reuse for brand consistency.

For a drip campaign, you will likely have one message that you reiterate across multiple templates in a timed sequence. This could be an important announcement you need to ensure gets in front of your entire List or a reengagement campaign for old leads. 

For a nurture campaign, you will likely have different messaging based on the way your Prospect engages with your Email, so you will need many more templates that a Prospect could see depending on what direction they go.

3. An email cadence 

How often are you going to send your Emails? What happens if they don't open the Email? What if they click on a link in one of your Emails? 

Before you go into Insightly and start building your Journey, outline the experience you want to deliver to your Prospect and at what pace. 

This could look very simple, like four Emails sent three days apart and no open/click tracking, or it could be a branching tree of possibilities. 


A simple onboarding drip campaign


A branched out newsletter Journey that segments customers based on their opening or not opening of the Email 

4. An exit strategy

There are two outcomes for a prospect going through a Journey - they either convert along the way or they make it all the way to the end without taking any action. Either can tell you a lot about this prospect!

Prospects who convert should be removed from the Journey and added to a list that captures your hot Prospects. Hot Prospects should either be sent through a new Journey, or passed to Sales if they have shown interest in starting a sales conversation.

If a Prospect makes it to the end without taking action, they should be added to a specific List for people who are not engaging with your content. You might create a new Journey to try and revive them or to remove them from your system altogether. 

Measuring your results

With those four elements, you have created a sophisticated Journey in Insightly Marketing.

The first metric you should be measuring is the delivery rate, because if your Emails are not making it to your Prospects, then what's the point? Delivery rates can also affect your sender score and your likelihood of landing in someone's spam folder. Do some simple research about how to avoid spam filters. 

The next metric is your open rates. If your open rates are low, it could mean that your subject lines could be improved or that your Prospect list needs to be cleaned. We recommend A/B testing your subject lines to see what performs better. 

Lastly, your click-through rates. If your click rates are low, perhaps you have too many calls to action in your email or maybe your call to action needs to stand out more. Personalizing Emails can also help, so segment your Lists more and send a more targeted message next time. 

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