How to use images in Email templates

This article will show you everything you can do with your images in our Email building tool - from adding pictures to customizing the appearance and placement of your content.

Start by creating a new Email or a new Email template. You can also edit an existing template.

To add images   

  1. Drag an Image content box into the template.
  2. Click Browse.
  3. If you don't have any existing images saved, you have three options for adding images: Upload (step 4), Import (step 5), and Search free photos (step 6).
  4. Click Upload. Select an image from your device and click Open.
  5. Click Import. Select your image hosting service or site and connect. 
  6. Click Search for Free Photos. Type in a keyword and select an image and click Import.
  7. Once your image has been uploaded, click Insert.

After you've added your image, you can start editing how it will appear on your template.

To manipulate images

  1.  Click on the image to pull up Content Properties.
  2. Auto width is on by default. If you want to adjust the width, turn it off then use the slider.
  3. Select your image's alignment: left, center, or right.
  4. Click Apply effects & more.
    Try out each different effect to see what you can do!
    You can use these tools to:

    • Add filters
    • Resize the image
    • Crop the image
    • Transform and rotate the image
    • Draw on the image
    • Add text
    • Add shapes
    • Add stickers
    • Add a frame
    • Adjust the corners of the image

  5. When you're finished adding effects, click Save.
  6. Add alternate text to your image. This text will serve as a description of your image if it doesn't load. It is also helpful for e-readers. 
  7. Use the dropdown in the Action section to add functionality to the image.Image_email_14.gif
    • Open a webpage
    • Send an email
    • Make a call
    • Send SMS 
  8. In the Block Options section, you can control the spacing on the sides of the image.
  9. If you want to use the same image multiple times, click the duplicate icon.
  10. When you're finished editing the image, click the down arrow icon.
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