How to reauthenticate your Gmail credentials

Google has renamed G Suite to Google Workplace.

In 2019, Google began changing how third-party applications, like Insightly, could access user data through Google provided APIs. We've made some updates on our end so that our users can continue to integrate their Insightly data with Google.

If you have set up a Gmail account to send email through Insightly that is not the G Suite address you use to sign in to Insightly, you will need to remove and reauthenticate your email credentials to continue using the feature without interruption. 

To remove your email credentials

  1. Go to User Settings > Email Accounts.
  2. Click the Trash icon to delete the account.

To reauthenticate

  1. Go to User Settings > Email Accounts.
  2. Select Gmail. Click Add Gmail Account.
  3. Select a Gmail account.
  4. Insightly will send you a verification email and the new account will appear in the Email Accounts list. If you don't receive an email, try deleting the account and adding it again.

If your account does not appear immediately or you see an error message, check your email inbox.

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