How to reauthenticate your Google integrations

In 2019, Google began changing how third-party applications, like Insightly, could access user data through Google provided APIs. We've made some updates on our end so that our users can continue to integrate their Insightly data with Google.

If you use Google Drive, Google Contact Sync, and/or Google Calendar Sync, you will need to disable your Google API key, then re-enable each feature. 

Disabling your Google API key

  1. Go to User Settings > User Settings. Scroll down to Connected Application Settings.
  2. Find your Google API key.
  3. Click Disable.
  4. You will be notified that you have successfully disabled your Google integrations. 

To re-enable Contact Sync

Ask your Insightly Administrator to enable Contact Sync if they haven't already.

  1. Go to User Settings > Contact Sync.
  2. If your Insightly account is not connected to Google, click the Set up Google Integration link to allow Insightly access to your Google Contacts list. Otherwise, continue to step 3.
  3. Select On.
  4. If you would like Insightly contacts to be added to your "My Contacts" group in Google, check the Add contacts to your Google "My Contacts" group option.
  5. Click the Save Contact Sync Setting button to initiate your changes and start the sync process.

To re-enable Calendar Sync

  1. Go to User Settings > Calendar Sync.
  2. Select Google from the Calendar To Sync With list.
  3. To sync your Insightly milestones or tasks to your Google Calendar, tick the boxes for those options.
  4. If your Insightly account is not connected to Google, click the Set up Google Integration link to allow Insightly access to Google Calendar. Otherwise, continue to step 5.


    Only click the Allow button after confirming that your browser is passing through the correct login. Your account information for Google will be in the upper right corner. If you connect to the wrong account, you can view and remove connected apps from your Google account's security settings.

  5. Click the Save Calendar Sync Settings button to save your changes. Your initial sync will take a few moments to complete.

To re-enable Google Drive

The first time you click the Google Drive icon, you will be prompted to log in to Google.


Click Allow to grant Insightly permission to access your Google Drive.


Only click Allow after confirming that your browser is connecting to the correct Google account. Your account information will be in the upper right corner.

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