How to send an Email to a single Prospect

You're probably familiar with our powerful Email building tool. It's great for sending campaigns out to many of your Prospects at once. 

It's also possible to use this tool for sending an Email to a single Prospect.

To send a single Prospect an Email:

  1. Open the Prospect record. Click the Actions menu.
  2. Select Send Prospect an Email.
  3. You will be redirected to the Email creation page. You can create a new Email or use an existing Email template.
  4. From the Summary tab, you can either schedule the Email to send at a later date or send the Email immediately. By default, the Email will send immediately. To schedule a sending time, click the dropdown on the Send button in the upper right. Select Schedule Send.
  5. Click the Now dropdown. Select Choose a Date and Time.
  6. Enter the date and time you want the Email to send at. Click Save.
  7. Click Send if you are sending the Email immediately. Click Scheduled to schedule the Email to send at a different date.
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