How to create a Form Handler


You will need to have a form built on your own website before creating a Form Handler.

You will also need knowledge of API and POST requests to allow the information from your form to be sent to Insightly.

Form Handlers collect data from your forms, then automatically create or update records within Insightly Marketing.

When you create a Form Handler, you will map the fields of your pre-existing form to Prospect fields in Insightly. This will eliminate the need for manually entering data into Insightly after a Prospect has filled out your form.

Before you start, make sure you setup a Web Tracking Domain for your site. You will need to add the Javascript tracking code to the HTML of your form on your website.

To create a Form Handler:

  1. Select Forms from the navigation bar. Click New Form Handler.
  2. Enter your Form Handlers information. The Name field is required. If you select Specific URL from the Success Page or Error Page dropdowns, you will be required to enter a URL.
  3. If needed, edit the Duplicate Handling field. By default, it is set to update existing records instead of creating duplicate records.
  4. The Email field is the only required field for a Form.

    Add Form Field to add other fields for your Prospects. You can choose to make additional fields optional or required.

    When entering the Field Name, make sure it matches the field's name in the within the coding of your form. It needs to match the “name” property value of that corresponding element in the form on your website exactly.

    You cannot use spaces in the Field Name field.
  5. Click Save.

To add Finish Actions: 

Finish Actions allow you to add an automated activity that is triggered when someone submits your form.

For example, if you want to notify other users when a Form has been submitted by a Prospect, you could add a Finish Action to your Form record that gets triggered when a Form has been completed to send an email to any stakeholders.

Finish Actions will typically occur immediately after a form has been submitted and cannot be scheduled for a later date or time. They can, however, be assigned conditional criteria that will not allow the action to occur unless the submitted form has met the criteria that has been set. 

If you have multiple Finish Actions, they will only execute based on the Prospect's original field values. For example, say a Prospect started with a score of 5 and was updated to 10 as a result of the first action. If the section action were to execute for Prospects with a score of 10 or more, it would not execute because it was originally 5.

Finish actions will not execute if Insightly cannot identify the Prospect who completed the Form. The Prospect needs to have filled out and submitted a Form with the email address associated with their Prospect record.

  1. Go to the Finish Actions tab. Click Add Finish Action.
  2. Select an action from the dropdown.
  3. Enter the required fields. You can optionally add conditional criteria. For example, this Send Email action could require that the employee count needs to be greater than 10 for the action to be triggered.
  4. Click Save Finish Action.

Connecting the Form Handler to your form

When you are finished, you can add the Form Submit URL field to your API POST request.

Insightly Form Handlers will only accept POST form submissions; "multipart/form-data" posts will not be accepted because Form Handlers cannot support file uploads.


In the Submissions tab, users can review the Prospects who have filled out the form.

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