Journey Actions: Create CRM Task

This Journey Step creates a task in Insightly CRM, assigns it to a CRM user, and links it to the Lead or the Contact associated with the Prospect from the Journey action.

When creating this Journey Action, you can use Merge tags to automatically add data to the Task Name and Description fields by clicking the “i” icon in the field box. The content is taken from the Prospect’s data.


Users that can be selected in the "Assigned To" dropdown are:

  • Linked CRM Lead or Contact Owner
  • Any Related User Lookup Field on the Prospect that has been synced through the CRM Connector
  • A CRM user 

If the CRM Lead or Contact Owner is selected:

  • If the Prospect is linked to a Contact, the owner of that Contact will get assigned the task.
  • If the Prospect is not linked to a Contact but is linked to a Lead, the owner of that Lead will get assigned the task.
  • If no Contact or Lead is linked, the Journey will progress to the next step without creating a task.

Users can set the task's due date between 0 and 365 days after the step has been executed.

The task will have a link back to your Prospect in the description information.


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