Best Practices for Using Web to Lead Forms with Form Handlers

Using Insightly Marketing’s Form Handler feature with the CRM’s Web to Lead form makes it easy to create forms for your website that funnel prospect data directly into your system.

This article walks you through using these two tools together to create a seamless automated experience for your team and your Prospects.

Why is this useful?

You’re new to Marketing or the Insightly platform and want to create a Lead Disposition process from scratch.

You're already using Insightly CRM to embed forms on your website for things like Request More Information, Join our Mailing List, or Request Demo and want to reroute your submissions to Insightly Marketing.

You may be implementing Insightly Marketing and do not currently have any forms on your website and want to add them.

What’s required?

We’ll show you how, but using Web to Lead, Web to Contact or Form Handlers requires the access and ability to alter your website’s HTML code.

Getting Started

Let’s start with a simple example of adding people to your ‘Newsletter’ list in Insightly Marketing when they submit their information on a ‘Join our Mailing List’ form on your website.

Remember, if you are using a third-party form builder you do not need to use Insightly’s form builder, but it might save you money if you do.

Create your Form Handler

Start by creating your Form Handler in Insightly Marketing. Once saved, it generates a Form Submit URL you will use to update the HTML code on your site.

For this example, our Form Handler would be titled “Join Our Mailing List” and perhaps include the page on your site to note the conversion point (“Join Our Mailing List - Home Page”).


Generate your form’s HTML code

If you’re using Insightly to create your form, go to Web to Lead in your CRM’s System Settings to generate the HTML code you will embed on your site.

Because we are redirecting submissions to Insightly Marketing, it doesn’t matter what your User Responsible or Lead Sources are as you can define those on the Marketing side.

Next, press 'Create HTML For Your Website' and add the fields you want on your form. These should mirror the fields you added to your Form Handler. You can always go back and update your Form Handler after if they don't match.


Update your HTML Code with your Form Submit URL

This is where it gets a little tricky because we’re updating the HTML code to redirect the form submissions to Insightly Marketing and not the CRM.

In the first line of the HTML code, there is a string that reads 'action =' and there's a website address. This is telling your form where to send the submission. We are going to replace what is there with the Form Submit URL.


Add Finish Actions to your Form Handler

Form Handler Finish Actions allow you to add an automated activity that is triggered when someone completes your form. Examples are ‘Add to list’, ‘Update Prospect Score, or ‘Convert to Lead’ for a really hot Prospect.

In this example, we want to add all new Prospects to our Newsletter list, so press Delete and remove the Conditional Criteria option.


Note! If you wanted your new Prospects to be added to one of your Journeys, you would add them to the List that is associated with the Journey. Based on how the Journey is set up, this would automatically trigger the Journey to begin for your new Prospect.

Embed your HTML onto your website

The last step is to embed the HTML code onto the page of your site where you want the form to live. As website builders are all a little different in how you edit the pages, this is unfortunately where our guidance ends. For additional website support, please reach out to your website builder.

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