What are Hosted Files?

If you often send out white papers, competition comparison information, or any content meant to target Prospects, it's important to know how successfully they're performing.

With Hosted Files, you can upload your files to Insightly and use a generated custom URL to track who's downloading your content and automatically deploy actions you specify.

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How do Hosted Files work?

When creating a Hosted File record, users will need to upload their own file to be tracked.

A Custom URL will be created when a Hosted File record is created. You can leave the Custom URL field empty to allow Insightly to create an auto-generated URL to link to the file. Alternatively, you can add your own unique URL.

Next, replace your file’s original download link with the Custom URL. From that point on, Insightly will be able to track who has downloaded the link.

You can also upload a new version of the file by editing the Hosted File record in order to keep the same Custom URL and to avoid updating the links in each place you published your documents.

Once a Prospect has interacted with the Hosted File, Insightly can review the Prospect's fields and execute Finish Actions to automate updates to the Prospect record. If a known Prospect views a Hosted File, the Finish Actions will fire.

If you have multiple Finish Actions, they will only execute based on the Prospect's original field values. For example, say a Prospect started with a score of 5 and was updated to 10 as a result of the first action. If the section action were to execute for Prospects with a score of 10 or more, it would not execute because it was originally 5.Create_file_3.gif

The Prospects tab on the Hosted File record shows which Prospects downloaded the file. If they are a known Prospect in your account, their Prospect record will be updated.  You can review the Email Address, Name, and Date of Download here.

When you click on a Prospect's name or email, the Prospect’s record will open. You can review what kind of activity they've had with the file on their Timeline tab.

Available Finish Actions include:

  • Send Email

  • Add Tags

  • Remove Tags

  • Adjust Score

  • Convert To Lead

  • Convert To Lead

  • Assign Owner

  • Change Field Value

  • Notify User

  • Add To List

  • Remove From List

  • Create CRM Task

  • Execute Lambda Function


When a Prospect has interacted with a Form submission, Insightly will perform a SPAM check on the IP Address and the user.

If five or more Finish Actions are triggered in a five minute time period from the same IP Address and user, Insightly will identify the submissions as SPAM. After five triggered actions, the submission will not be processed and it will be discarded.

For example, if the same Prospect downloads the same Hosted File more than 5 times within a 5 minute period from the first click, Insightly will not execute any of the Finish Actions configured for that Hosted File for that specific Prospect. The submitter will receive an HTTP 500 error on the Form submission. This will occur even if the user is blank or null.

This SPAM check occurs in Form submission Finish Action sequences for Redirect Links, Hosted Files, and List Emails.

Important Details

  • If you have an AppConnect subscription, you can build Recipes to automate your Hosted File processes. Learn more.
  • Users can upload files up to 50 MB in size. These can be PDFs, Microsoft Office documents created in Word, Excel or Powerpoint, or PNG and JPG images, like infographics.

  • All Hosted Files are publicly accessible through the correct internet link.

  • You can upload a new version of a file by editing the record and it will keep the same Insightly Custom URL.

  • You can follow Hosted File records to be alerted to record changes.

  • The auto-generated URL and user created URLs cannot be changed once set.

  • Tracking is only supported on Hosted Files displayed on your own site.

  • Users can drag files into any user created Folder or within the "Uncategorized > Files" Folder, and those files will be uploaded, saved, and hosted just as if they were added through the Hosted Files page.
    In this case, a custom URL will not be created. The name for the record will be the same as the file name. If the name has already been used, a dash and a number will be added to the name before saving.

  • The File Activity Review Report allows users to review how multiple files have performed so far. You can review each File Name, the Total Views, and Unique Views.

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