What are Redirect Links?

A Redirect Link is an object type in Insightly Marketing that helps users track who is clicking links on their own site or on a third-party website. This could be a link in a banner advertisement or in a Tweet, for example.

You will need to setup a web tracking domain and add the JavaScript to any websites that are hosting the link.

After setup, the record will track the total clicks and unique clicks and which Prospects are clicking. Additionally, you can configure Finish Actions to execute based on the Prospect's data.

Finish Actions

Once a Prospect has clicked the Redirect Link, Insightly can review the Prospect's fields and execute Finish Actions to automate updates to the Prospect record.


Available Finish Actions include:

  • Send Email
  • Add Tags
  • Remove Tags
  • Adjust Score
  • Convert To Lead
  • Convert To Lead
  • Assign Owner
  • Change Field Value
  • Notify User
  • Add To List
  • Remove From List
  • Create CRM Task
  • Execute Lambda Function


The Prospects tab shows which Prospects clicked the Redirect Link. You can review the links they've clicked on their Timeline tab.

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