What are the Redirect Link Click and the Redirect Link Performance Reports?

There are two reports that are generated by Redirect Links: the Redirect Link Click Report and the Redirect Link Performance Report. 

The Redirect Link Click Report collects data from all of your Redirect Links and compares them against each other.

The Redirect Link Performance Report is more granular and focuses on a single Redirect Link and the Prospects who have clicked it.

To view the Redirect Link Click Report:

  1. Go to Reports. Select Redirect Link Reports.
  2. Click File Activity Overview Report.
  3. Click Run Report.

The report will list each link, along with the number of unique views and total views. This is useful for comparing how each link is performing in comparison to other customer-facing links.

If you want to dig deeper into an individual link and who's been clicking, you will want to run a Redirect Link Performance Report.

To access a Redirect Link Performance, you will need to click the unique or total views of the link you want to explore in further detail.

To view a Redirect Link Performance Report:

  1. After you have run a Redirect Link Click Report, find the link you want to review.
  2. Click the Total Views or Unique Views.
  3. Click Run Report.

The report, by default, contains the following columns:

  • Visitor ID
  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date and Time of Click

This report is designed to identify the individual Prospects that are interacting with the link. This should help users gauge how interested a Prospect is in doing business with you.

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