How to review Journey Statistics

If you have built a Journey with several branches, knowing how Prospects interacted with each step is crucial. Users can review the statistics of each step in a running Journey with the Journey Report tab.

Knowing when and where Prospects ended their Journey and which paths had the most Prospects can help you identify possible weak points in the process.

To view Journey statistics:

  1. Go to Journeys. Select a Journey that is Running or Completed.
  2. Click the Report tab.
  3. Above each step, there will be two statistics.
    The first number represents how many Prospects made it to the step.

    The second number is a percentage. This percentage represents what percentage of Prospects who began the Journey have reached this step.
    For example, say the Journey started with 100 Prospects and they were all sent an Email with a link. If 50 of those Prospects clicked on the link, the percentage of users who completed that step would be 50%. The percentage can decrease further as Prospects progress and take different actions.

    Anytime the page is refreshed, the statistics will be updated.
  4. Click an Action icon to view the statistic at a more granular view.
  5. Clicking View Report will open a new tab that directs you a Report for that step.

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