Getting Started with Insightly Marketing

Welcome to Insightly Marketing! 

Follow these steps for getting your new marketing app up and running.

Part 1: Account Setup

  1. Add new users or enable Insightly Marketing for an existing user (here's how)
  2. Setup your Web Tracking Domains and add the tracking code to your website (here's how)
  3. Add your Email Sending Domain (here's how)

Part 2: Setup CRM Connector

  1. Clone the fields from CRM that you need on your Prospects for segmenting (here's how)
  2. Sync your Leads and Contacts to Insightly Marketing (here's how)

Part 3: Lead Generation 

  1. Create a Form Handler to connect to any existing forms on your website (here's how)
  2. Create a Form Handler and generate HTML to create new forms for your website (here's how)

*Best practices for Forms and Form Handlers - Don't forget to setup Finish Actions for your Form Handlers to automate what happens after someone submits a form*

Part 4: Content Marketing

  1. Upload your marketing content to Hosted Files and setup Finish Actions for what happens after someone views your content (here's how)
  2. Create Redirect Links for your high-value website pages, landing pages, or any third-party sites like social media or paid ads (here's how

*Best practices for Hosted Files & Redirect Links - Don't forget to setup Finish Actions for your Files and Links to automate what happens after someone engages with your content*

Part 5: Nurturing New Leads

  1. Define your Prospect Scoring - at what point do you convert a Prospect to a Lead? (learn more)
  2. Build a Lead-nurturing Journey triggered by form submission, content download, or any other criteria (here's how)
  3. Build a Journey to convert Prospects to Leads once they hit a certain Prospect Score (here's how


Here are some additional resources for anyone new to Insightly Marketing: 


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