How to review Email statistics

After you send an Email from Insightly Marketing, you will want to review how it performed. Insightly provides this data from the Statistics tab for every Email sent to Prospects.

To view this data, open an Email that has been sent and select the Statistics tab.



How Email statistics work

Insightly will gather data from Emails that your Prospects have interacted with and will return statistics to review how the Email performed.

For example, these statistics can help you determine:

  • Whether or not your Prospects are successfully receiving your Emails
  • Which countries your Emails have performed best in
  • Which links got the most clicks 

Insightly adds an invisible, one pixel image at the end of the Emails users send to Prospects, which can track Email opens.

If the Prospect has images enabled on their email client, then a request to Insightly’s server for the invisible image is executed. When the Prospect opens the Email, an Open event is logged. These events are logged in the Prospect Timeline, Reports, and the Email record.

These events are recorded as Opens or Unique Opens. A Unique Open is only logged the first time a Prospect opens an Email, while Opens are logged for all opens of the Email.

The Clicks are the total number of times your users have clicked on the various links within your emails.

The Unique Clicks are the number of unique individuals that have clicked the links in your emails.

To generate a report of all the clicks coming from an individual Prospect, run an Email Click report and filter by that specific Prospect.

Available statistics

From the Statistics tab, you can review:

  • Open Rate
    • Open Rate List Average
    • Industry Average

  • Click Rate
    • Click Rate List Average
    • Industry Average

  • Number of opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes

  • Number of Successful Deliveries

  • Clicks Per Unique Open

  • Total Opens

  • Total Clicks

  • Last Opened (date)

  • Last Clicked

  • Top Links Clicked

  • List Members with the Most Opens

  • Opens by Geographic Location
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