How to review a sent Email

When you send an Email to Prospects, you can return to the Email record later to review what was sent and how well it performed.

Here's a brief overview of each section:

Details tab

The Details tab allows users to review basic information about the Email that was sent.


Message tab

The Message tab shows how the sent Email appeared to Prospects.


Related tab

The Related tab lists each Email recipient and how they interacted with the email.

Each Prospect listed will cover:

  • Prospect Email
  • Prospect Name
  • Email Sent, which means the Email reached their inbox.
  • Email Bounced, which lets you know if the Email bounced and did not reach the Prospect's Email. This could be for multiple reasons, like an incorrect email or the Prospect's SPAM settings.
  • Email Opened
  • Email Clicked


Statistics tab

The Statistics tab provides insights into how well the Email performed. Learn more about these statistics in this article.


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