Insightly Mobile 4.0 Update

As of August 2020, Insightly’s mobile application for Android and iOS will be moving to online only, which means your Insightly data will no longer be stored on your device.

This change comes with four major improvements to the app:

  • Increased Speed

  • Enhanced Security

  • Dashboards

  • Better Cohesiveness


To get access to these features, you will need to update the application through the Google Play store or Apple’s App Store. This update will sign you out of your account and you will need to log back in.


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Increased Speed

Loading times are significantly decreased as users will not be required to sit through loading screens as the app checks for and downloads updates made by users.

The app’s response speed has also been improved: the ability to scale to CRM record data sets in the millions with no synchronization required means customers on the road can get to their critical data much faster. Since the data is stored online, the app will not need to constantly synchronize.

Enhanced Security

With advanced permissions, users will only see what they need to. Insightly’s Mobile App offers businesses the flexibility to assign different roles within CRM and set restrictions so they only see customer data that is relevant to them.

Additionally, with all data stored online rather than on your device, your device with no longer act as a local database.


Dashboards are now available to users on mobile. All Dashboards and Dashboard Cards available on the web application of Insightly CRM are now accessible, with the full fidelity of the desktop experience.

These cards are read-only on mobile.

Better Cohesiveness

Finally, this update provides a more uniform experience between our web and mobile applications, creating a more cohesive Insightly experience.

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